Case Study


[H.E.N.R.Y. – High-Earner, Not Rich Yet]

  • Age:
  • Profession:

Primary Goal:

Mitigating taxes, maximizing investments, and spending less time managing her finances so she can enjoy life.

Meet Bridget. As an attorney, she has a healthy six-figure income. She also has many dreams:

  • Buying a home in the next 5 years
  • Minimizing debt and taxes while maximizing investment dollars
  • Building a “work optional” plan for the future

But there were 2 massive obstacles standing between her and her dreams:

I had ZERO time and ZERO plan.

As a busy attorney, Bridget didn’t have the time to properly manage her investments. Plus, she wasn’t confident her plan was the right one.

After being turned away from the large brokerage firms, her priorities shifted. She needed an expert. More importantly, she needed someone she could trust 100% with her money.

An Expert Financial Advisor and A Friend

Enter Define Financial.

I think we caught Bridget off guard. She was expecting to be sold. Expecting to discuss fees and minimums. Instead, we simply listened.

Listened to her goals of buying her first home. Listened to her dreams of living a wealth-driven life…from now through her golden years. She was determined to get started on the right plan. A plan customized just for her.

Here’s What We Did For Bridget — We Can Do The Same For You

First, we worked with Bridget to create a winning long-term plan. Maximizing investment results, minimizing fees and taxes, and protecting her income.

Second, we set her up on our secure client portal. Now she can view ALL of her financial accounts at a glance. What a timesaver!

Third, we helped her create an emergency fund with an interest rate 100X GREATER than she got from her local bank.

We Were Just Getting Warmed Up

For Bridget, just like ALL of our clients, we help optimize their ENTIRE financial lives — An advantage you’ll never get from the big financial firms.

  1. We suggested which investments to choose in her company 401(k)
  2. We analyzed and optimized her employer benefits
  3. We even identified additional tax-efficient saving and investment opportunities


BEFORE: Bridget had a nice income but lacked confidence in her plan. She was overwhelmed, confused about investing and worried about the future.

TODAY: Bridget is 100% confident in her career, her investments, and her future. Plus, she found a friend in Define Financial.

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