What does fee-only mean?

A fee-only financial advisor NEVER receives compensation in the form of commissions. The only compensation we receive comes directly from our clients through a transparent and customized fee schedule.

This allows us to work with you on the same side of the table, eliminate potential conflicts of interest, and put you in the best possible financial position to succeed.

You can read more about why a fee-only financial advisor is required to put your interests first HERE.

What does Financial Planning Cost?

Financial Planning and Investment Management for employees of Deloitte is available for one flat monthly fee:

1st & 2nd
Monthly Retainer
Unlimited Access to
Your Financial Planner
Annual Reviews
Insurance Analysis
Investment Management
401(k) Rollover Analysis
Employer Benefits Review
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning
Social Security Planning
Charitable Giving Planning


What does Investment Management Cost?

Investment management is included in the monthly fee for financial planning. There is no separate fee for managing investments. You pay the same flat fee if you have $1,000 to invest, or if you have $100,000 to invest.

Doesn’t every financial advisor charge for investment management?

Most do. But most financial advisors are also 60 years old and don’t have a grasp on the needs of a client who isn’t about to enter retirement – let alone someone who works at Deloitte.

Why are you doing things so differently? Shouldn’t I pay a fee for investment management?

We’ve built our business this way to avoid yet another common conflict of interest among financial advisors. (If an advisor’s income is based on the client’s portfolio, and their income is not based on providing financial planning, then that advisor’s recommendations may benefit the client’s portfolio more than the client.

You mean an advisor billing based on investments might give bad advice?

It’s certainly possible. How about a little (real life) anecdote? The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Joe Danger is a CPA working at Deloitte. He’s got $500,000 in an investment portfolio being managed by his fee-only financial planner. Joe asks his advisor:

Should I take money out of my investment portfolio to buy a house?

Depending upon how the advisor is compensated, Joe can get very different answers. For the advisor who charges a percent of the money in Joe’s portfolio, the answer is:

Let’s borrow against the portfolio so we can keep the money invested, AND buy you the house so you pay interest on the loan and still pay my fee.

The way you pay your advisor will determine the quality of the advice you receive. Get real advice – advice that serves your best interest – by paying a flat monthly fee to your advisor, and not an assets under management (AUM) fee.

They way your advisor is compensated will dictate the quality of the advice given. Get real advice by paying a flat fee for financial planning, and not a percent of assets under management.


For the advisor who charges a flat fee for providing the purest and best financial advice, the answer is:

Yes. Go buy a house. That’s what money is for.

It’s pretty simple: by not charging an AUM fee or selling products for a commission (fee-only), the advisor that charges a flat monthly fee is free to give you the best possible advice to help you grow your wealth – so you can have an awesome life!


The first step in the financial planning process is a get-to-know-each-other meeting. There’s no cost or commitment here. This meeting is simply a chance for us:

  to meet each other

  to figure out if we can work together well

  to see if I can help you

If you are interested in a free consultation, please feel free to book an appointment online or call our offices at (619) 577-4002. If you are in the San Diego area, stop by our office and say hello!