Case Study

Dan & Laura

A Retiree

  • Age:
    68 & 59

Primary Goal:

Designing a retirement plan to ensure they don’t outlive their money and improving the tax efficiency of their investment portfolio.

The Challenge

After dedicating 30 long years to his company, this client decided it was time to hang it up and start enjoying life. His retirement picture was complete with a pension, 401(k), and stock options. He had the means to enjoy life after work, but he wasn’t sure how to actually access the funds and put them to the best use for the entire length of his retirement.

The Approach

Our goal was to make the retirement process as simple as possible so he could enjoy his newfound free time. After learning more about his situation, we immediately identified some of the tax challenges he would soon be faced with. We partnered with his CPA and helped him:

  • Gather all the information from his benefits department
  • Understand the different options available to him and the tax ramifications
  • Open the appropriate accounts and design a withdrawal plan

Our efforts took the burden off his shoulders and provided him with relief and confidence.

The Results

We designed and implemented a plan that helped mitigate his tax consequences, preserve his retirement savings, and create an income stream that he would not outlive.

Today, our client is living comfortably in his beach house, playing golf, traveling, and spending time with his family. He knows his financial plan — and his financial team — are there to ensure he can afford the retirement lifestyle he wants.

We meet with the client and his CPA regularly to keep up with the ever-changing tax laws and ensure his plan is updated accordingly.


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