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A Second Opinion

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Primary Goal:

Finding a financial advisor who is proactive and designing a comprehensive financial plan to guide his family’s investments.

The Challenge

A 45-year-old entrepreneur in San Diego, CA and his family — his wife and two children — approached us for help with their financial plan. Prior to meeting our team, his family worked with a financial advisor at a large brokerage firm for over 10 years.

Their investment portfolio wasn’t making much progress. They didn’t feel like their advisor communicated frequently enough with them. They felt out of the loop and disappointed in the service they received.

In an effort to ensure their family’s financial future was still in the best hands, they set out to obtain a second opinion.

The Approach

It was important for us to gain a clear understanding of their situation prior to working on a solution. After learning more about the client, our team provided a comprehensive analysis to show:

  • The allocation of their investments
  • The fees they were paying and how their advisor was compensated
  • The potential pitfalls they were exposed to

Our approach helped identify the challenges they faced financially. We also allowed them to see their situation and their options for moving forward clearly.

The Results

This client’s financial situation was complex and came with a lot of moving parts — but no comprehensive plan to guide them.

We developed and implemented a customized financial plan that helped organize their life and provide a road map to reaching their goals. We provided solutions for the pitfalls they were exposed to, re-allocated their investments, and helped lower their costs.

The Define team meets with this entrepreneur and his family on a regular basis and frequently communicates with them. We always review their plan, their progress, and where they are on the path to reaching their goals.


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