Case Study


H.E.N.R.Y. (High-Earner-Not-Rich-Yet)

  • Age:
  • Profession:

Primary Goal:

Making smart decisions with her money while she is young and reducing the amount of time spent managing her personal finances so she could focus on her passions.

The Challenge

After working her way through the corporate world for 12 years, this client started to generate a healthy six figure income. For the first time in her life, she had money to invest in her future but didn’t have the time to develop a plan. She did not meet the account minimums of the large brokerage firms she spoke to so she set out to find a financial planning firm that would value her as a client.

The problem? She didn’t have the time to do it herself. Her busy professional life tied up time and energy, which meant she needed an expert she could trust and delegate to.

Even though she made good income and was on the right track to financial success, she didn’t meet the account minimums of the large brokerage firms she spoke to first. So she set out to find a financial planning firm that would value her as a client.

The Approach

After spending some time listening to her goals and objectives, it was clear that she was committed to building a successful, long-term plan — which we worked together to create, including a plan to meet her desire to buy a home in the next 5 years. We then set her up on our secure client portal where she could aggregate all her financial accounts, which provided greater clarity and organization in her financial life. We also updated her investment portfolio so her asset allocation was appropriate for her specific needs and goals, and reduced her investment expenses to help improve future expected returns. Finally, she created an emergency fund after we helped identify a savings account with an interest rate 100 times greater than what she earned at her local bank.

The Results

We understood that she was ready to maximize the money she made and start growing her wealth for the long-term. Along with building a customized plan to help organize her financial life, our team:

  • Provided guidance on the investments in her company 401(k)
  • Reviewed and analyzed her employer benefits
  • Identified additional tax-efficient saving and investment opportunities

Our client worked hard to rise through the professional ranks — and she worked to increase her salary along the way. She received a solution that would help her maximize the money she made. With our approach, she now gets to rest assured knowing that she has a plan in place to protect and grow those hard-earned dollars over time.


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