We have designed a process to help you (and us) make an informed and educated decision about working together.

We call it The S.T.A.R.T. Here Process™.

Learning our process will give you a framework for evaluating us and other firms you might be considering.

Here are the highlights of this process:

  • There is no cost or obligation. We want you to know exactly how we can help before you pay us a single dollar.
  • You will finish knowing exactly where you stand in the three key areas of retirement planning and how to improve.
  • The very first step is a complimentary 15-minute phone call with our team.

How Do I Know If I’m a Good Fit?

We deliver the greatest value when we focus on complex situations that require our expertise. Our typical clients are:

  1. Professionals who are retired or nearing retirement (typically 10 years or less).
  2. Diligent savers who have accumulated investment and retirement assets of $1 million or more.
  3. People who understand that the success of their retirement is too important to be doing it themselves and value expert guidance.

The S.T.A.R.T. Here Process™

For people who are potentially a good fit for our firm, there is no cost or obligation for this process. We want you to know exactly how we can help you before paying us a single dollar.

Step 1: Schedule a Call

A 15-minute phone call will give us both a chance to make sure your situation matches our expertise. After all, you wouldn’t see a Cardiologist if you needed foot surgery.

If we aren’t the right financial planning firm to help you, we will happily point you to the right expert for your unique needs. 

Step 2: Team Meeting (Office Meeting #1)

Like a doctor, it’s important to diagnose before we prescribe.

The next step is a visit to our office. During this one-hour meeting, our team will get crystal clear on your financial goals, needs, and concerns.

Before this meeting, we will request a few important documents. This data will drive our analysis and result in answers to the three critical questions.

Step 3: Analyze

We will apply 15+ years of experience, decades of Nobel-prize winning research, and thousands of hours of training to answer three critical questions for you:

  1. Are you on track to reach your long-term goals (e.g. retirement, or work-optional)?
  2. How can your tax bill be reduced?
  3. How can your investments be improved?

Step 4: Review Analysis (Office Meeting #2)

With the analysis complete, we will have a second meeting to review the results.

In plain English, we will explain exactly what you need to do to reach your financial goals. We will also answer the three critical questions we asked during our analysis.

At the end of this meeting, we will ask if you would like to begin working with our firm or if you would like to think about it.

Step 5: Think About It

We are looking for long-term client relationships, not a quick transaction. It’s important that you take as much time as needed to make a decision.

To help you make a smart decision, answer these questions:

  1. Do I like, trust, and respect the Define Financial team?
  2. Do the benefits outweigh the cost?
  3. Do I understand and agree with their investment approach?
  4. Do their financial planning recommendations make sense?

We will follow-up within a few days to determine how you would like to move forward.

If you decide that we aren’t a good fit to work together, we will not take it personally. In fact, we will wish you the best and help you find someone who might be a better fit. There is never a hard-sell or pressure to say yes.

Step 6: Here We Go!

We are truly honored to be working with you. Before the fun begins, we will regroup (via phone or in-person) to answer any outstanding questions and set expectations for the new client process.

Prior to this meeting, we will have sent you a detailed breakdown of this process and addressed any concerns.


Ready to S.T.A.R.T. the Process?

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Still Have Questions? Keep Reading…

Do You Offer an Hourly or One-Time Project Fee Option?

We do our best work with people looking for a long-term relationship. Currently, our firm is not equipped to offer an hourly fee schedule or a one-time project fee option.

If you need help locating a financial planner who offers these fee options, send us a note and we will do our best to get you in the right hands.

How is Define Financial Different?

There are three really important things about our firm that separate us from others:

  1. All we do is retirement planning. Our sole focus is to make sure your money lives longer than you.
  2. We limit the number of new clients we take on to deliver massive value and personalized service.
  3. We invest in industry-leading technology to give our clients simple answers to their complex problems.

Why Should I Hire Define Financial?

San Diego financial planner technologyGreat question. But first, let us explain why you shouldn’t hire us.

If you’re looking for an advisor who will trade stocks to “beat the market,” you’re in the wrong place.

Why? Because we only focus on what you can control. Predicting if the stock market will go up or down, or guessing what interest rates will do next, are not things you can control.

But if you’re interested in things like reducing taxes, investing smarter, and making work optional in retirement, keep reading.

We are a team of highly qualified, award-winning CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals.

Financial planning is not just a job for us. We eat, live, and breathe this stuff. We spend our free time educating ourselves and finding the best solutions for our clients because we truly love what we do.

You should consider hiring Define Financial if you want to:

  • Lower your tax bill now and in retirement.
  • Reduce risk and increase expected investment returns.
  • Optimize your insurance policies to get more protection at a lower cost.
  • Create an income plan in retirement you can’t outlive.

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S.T.A.R.T. the Process

The first step is a 15-minute phone call with our team.
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